My journey as an author started in 2009, after the death of my father and after completing a Diploma in Education. However it did not come to publishing fruition until my next dive into writing yet another non-fiction manuscript. This time the genre was different. The first published book was a memoir based on a defining moment in my life.

As an author, I enjoy sharing my work both online and offline. Readings from my books are still not my favourite thing to do but as they say, repetition helps. After doing many readings since first publishing in 2014, I am a lot more comfortable although I have a long way yet to go.

Speaking of my experiences, the one that prompted the book as well as on becoming a writer, is so much easier for me now although it was not like that at the beginning.

If I can make the type of progress I have made over the last few years, even at my “tender”age, then I have great news for you…you, yes you, can overcome whatever obstacle is in your way right now.

Here I present my two published books and their Amazon links. Click, get your copy, read, enjoy and be inspired.

All glory, praise, honour and thanks be to God.

   From Lion to Lamb

Walk in the footsteps of a gunshot victim and experience the austerity of physical and spiritual recuperation! In this book, From Lion to Lamb: A Spiritual Journey, you will learn lessons, influenced by the Sermon on the Mount, on Faith and submission, Empathy and magnanimity, Hope and courage, The promise of greater glory.

      “Caron gives her message in simple and clear terms, promoting such Universal principles as love, peace, kindness… From Lion to Lamb is well worth reading.” Phillip G. Rochford, Author and Empowerment Strategist.

Bounce Back Better

Bounce Back Better: 10 (+1) Key Steps for Building Resilience is for those who are seeking to use obstacles or misfortunes to propel them along a path of forward, positive actions.

This book is for you if you are going through a difficult life transition or have experienced:
the loss of a loved one,
being fired or laid off,
a bad medical diagnosis or physical injury,
a relationship breakup, and/or
failure at an examination or business venture.

Simple, familiar principles come together to create a powerful systematic approach to building resilience, making Bounce Back Better unique, practical, and worthwhile.

“. . . I cannot honestly admit that I have read a book more comprehensive than and relevant to the times as Bounce Back Better: 10 (+ 1) Key Steps for Building Resilience.”
(Raymond S. Hackett, educator and educational consultant).

Now, I also offer the services of taking your book from idea to reality. You can come to me with the idea of wanting to write a non-fiction book. I can take your idea and design an easy to follow step-by-step concept and outline to help you begin writing and to help make the process easier and faster.

I can help you take the manuscript through the publishing process until you have the book in your hand. All the steps from copy editing, proofreading, developmental editing, cover design, front and back material and writing your author’s bio can all be covered. As well as ghost writing if you get stuck.

To some extent, I can guide you through the marketing steps and help with your launch.

Contact me at 1-868-370-4086 for assistance or email at with book assistance in the subject line (I need this to retrieve your message in a timely manner).